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Our chief executive

The Town Clerk, is head of the ‘paid service’ and is responsible for the organisation's efficient management. The role also involves giving councillors strategic advice on policy-related issues, drawing on the experience and expertise of the organisation as a whole.

The Court of Common Council

The Court of Common Council is the City Corporation's primary decision-making assembly, and usually meets every four weeks. Its main business focuses on the reports of committees and members' questions and motions. It works through committees, like any other local authority, but it is unique in that it is non-party political.

Members of the Common Council (equivalent to councillors, also referred to as Common Councilmen) are elected by the wards of the City every four years. Each ward returns between two and 10 members depending on the size of the electorate.


Councillors represent a wide range of professions and City interests and take the major strategic decisions that direct the work of the City Corporation. They sit on a variety of committees - also open to the public - that manage the organisation’s different functions.

There are two main types of committee – the first is made up of one member from each of the City's wards plus ex-officio members (membership due to holding a specific office or role); the second is made up members directly elected by the Court of Common Council plus ex officio members. They are elected on a non-party political basis and are unpaid.

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